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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Internal Monologue. We Are One. We ♥ Boston.

The Aftermath.

We are one. Outwardly, this means that we are rooted within the United States. It means that we bond together especially when times are uncertain, chaotic, tragic, & senseless. It means that we act as a united group with a united vision, in spite of. Inwardly, it means that we are inherently the same. It means that despite our approaches to life, different perspectives on politics, different faiths in religion, that we acknowledge the same common needs, dreams, and desires. That, yesterday, today, & tomorrow, we are all one thing. Human.

We ♥ Boston.

In 2006 I studied abroad in Cork Ireland at University College Cork. I lived amongst and traveled with some of the most amazing & interesting mates I will ever meet. To this very second, many of us are still incredibly close. Whilst on excursion one weekend, we took an 8 hour winding bus ride through the Republic & into the North until we reached Belfast. I will always remember Belfast. And I will always remember the irony of me, a baptized Catholic, bunking with my friend, a practicing Protestant, in the Northern Ireland hotel. I will always remember suddenly becoming starkly aware of my religion when, back in The States, there's no such thing as Catholic v. Protestant.

The Peace Wall.
Belfast, Northern Ireland.
The Black Cab Tour we took in Belfast showed us both Catholic & Protestant neighborhoods. We saw the murals. The memorial mural to Bobby SandsSinn Féin headquarters. We looked at graves. And we signed The Peace Wall. I cannot find the exact photograph of the words I wrote. But, I can tell you that after much thought, with green crayon not much different than the color of my coat {United Colors of Benetton, bought in Cork}, I wrote this:

We Are One.

Remember this now. Remember this for Boston. Remember this for Texas. Remember this for Webster. Remember this for Newtown, CT. Remember this for New York City. Remember this when you're driving. Remember this at the grocery store. Remember this at work. Remember this in the lunchroom. Remember this every single night before you fall asleep & every single morning as you rise. Remember this, & then remember what it means today.

NY loves Boston. We all do.
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