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Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday 'Fessional. Themed Outfits: Pink Lemonade.

Pink Lemonade.

In my hand, I'm holding some ...
pomegranate limeade.
It started with the $.99 Wet 'n' Wild Shine in Dreamy Poppy and ended with a theme-inspired outfit. I call it: Pink Lemonade. Quite frankly, everyone love some pink lemonade. My favorite part about this outfit has to be its #ShopLocal allure. While the cardigan is J. Crew Outlet c. 2009 and the T, an oldie from Aero, the rest of the outfit & accessories are #ShopLocal tried & true.

Dressing for the spring outdoors.
Denim & Scarf.
Skirt: Bobbles & Lace (Boston, MA)
Glasses Earrings: Shop Peppermint (Rochester, NY)
NecklaceThe Knotty Owl c/o Shop Peppermint (Rochester, NY)
Silver Ring: Erica Bello c/o Shop Peppermint (Rochester, NY)
Yellow Ring: Archimage (Rochester, NY)
Heart Bangle: Shop Peppermint (Rochester, NY)
Initials Bangles: Alex & Ani (begun locally: franchise in Rochester, NY)
Shoes: Vintage (Momsly)

Tangy & Sweet
with a smooth finish.
Normally I don't name outfits, but this time I did. (Fessional.) And maybe I should. This one is a hit. All at once I feel springy & serious, professional & girly. Sweet & Tart just like its namesake. And it received a tremendous amount of compliments. Biggest confession of all...

I prononce lemonade like lemon-ahd. Try it! (It's the best.)



  1. Thanks so much Dani!! Pink lemonade is a crowd pleaser... haha. Thanks.


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