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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Review. RSalon Webster Village.

It cannot be 11 days since my last post. This is not poss. Omgomgomg. (Breathe.) Okay. ...

RSalon uses Aveda Products Only.
Gift when you Go. Even more when you recommend.
See Below...
Omgomgomg. You HAVE to check out RSalon. Village of Webster. Right off 250 which is right off 104 which is 
just off 590. Just around the corner. Seriously. Top Four Why: 1.) Aveda 2.) Atmosphere 3.) Service 4.) SkillsService got Skills. Check it:

I credit LivingSocial with my introduction to RSalon: $35 for Gel Mani & Spa Pedi. Uuuummmmm. Their prices are super fair to begin with. But $35 for 1!??!  I'll take 2. One for me. And one for Momsly! You guys seriously have no idea how huge this is that I got Momsly to go to the salon & get her nails did. It's taken me 24 years--ever since I started wearing Lee Press Ons! (video appropriately from the year of my birth)--to get Momsly to give it a try. And guess what. She LOVED.

* * *

Not only will she & I go back. I mean, what's a better bonding experience than this? But I can see her going back with her own friends. Or at least making the rec & them trying it themselves. Bonus? $10 credit for us & $10 off for first-timers when you rec the fam & friends. Win-Win. 

* * *

RSalon speaks for itself:

1.) Aveda: Erin, my aesthetician who a) looks identical to Erin from The Office & b) was so incredibly meticulous & careful & pleasant that I cannot wait to book her again, explained (better than I will...) that salons have varying degrees of Aveda involvement. From those that sell the earth conscious products but do not primarily use, to those which only sell & only use.

OPI Gel Mani uses LED lighting to dry.
2.) Atmosphere: RSalon is the latter. Not only that but Scott Dennis, owner & fashion biz connoisseur for over 20 years, completely embraces the Aveda Mission. From centering colors like mud-toned walls & pops of grass-toned accents, to the modern artistic vibe which is embraced by the coloring station palettes, and even to the Asian-Island influenced decor, Scott seamlessly "[connects] beauty, environment, and well-being" into one grounded flow. 

Ice cold cucumber water. Offerings of refills. Fusion of modern, Asian, and Aveda-n which flows especially into the restroom. I cannot say enough about RSalon's grounded atmosphere.

3.) Service: You can book online. And it's legit. I booked online. My mother & myself. It works. Email reminders. Unobtrusive texting reminders (if you choose).  It works! I cannot say enough about booking online.

I also cannot say enough about calling ahead. Momsly never had a pedicure or a manicure & required special arrangements. You think you got a foot problem? Talk to these professionals first! ...And probably request Jessica. She worked with my mom through the booking & the appointment. I know Momsly would gladly see her again.

4.) Skills: We look great. Nails, flawless. Cuticles, gone. Completely. (Just what I crave &, particularly, why I pay for manis.) Thank you, Erin. I know Momsly--a formerly skeptical virgin--says the same about Jessica.

Spa Pedi with China Glaze Polish.
...Never said I was a foot model. & no, foot isn't broken.
Aveda products? Second to none. The scrubs, exfoliants, lotions, & oils felt so luxe & nourishing that RSalon's proper application of them has me debating: do I buy my own but apply myself ... or do I go back for more & get the professionals? Most likely ...


* * *

More Gifts!!!
Buffer. Emory. Orange Stick. Yesssss.

I'm a Scott Miller girl no doubt. RSalon, though certainly smaller, absolutely competes. Try it out. Then tell a friend. Talk it up to fam. ... Plus, you can keep the buffer/emory/orange stick. What more could you need???

* * *

Fav mani/pedi
by far.
Let me know
if you want to  go...

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