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Monday, August 6, 2012

How To. Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer How-(Not)-To. & Park Ave Fest.

Leaving the bar formerly known as Prepps.
Amazing. Love It. Ren-o.

Park Ave Fest.

Won't ever be words to describe it. So I won't. Okay. I'll try. Any film or TV show which ever depicts Greek Row in the summertime, but also with bars, & side street after side street after side street of porch, lawn, & house party, & vendors & musicians & artisans. Street blocked off. That's Park Ave. #ROC City in the summertime, babes. 

But today I don't want to discuss that. Today, I want to discuss

Uh huh. You see those gambs? Yeah, not my winning point. Never were, unless you count the soccer field. Even then, I didn't do the pretty stuff. But Jergens, Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer???? This lotion gets it done. Golden. Goddess. Glow. Done. ... Here's the Tip:

* * *

 2-Shave Window.

Shave 1. Day 1. Legs feel smooth, absorb a layer of glow.
                     Day 2 . Legs feel < smooth. Absorb another layer of glow. Startin' to look good.
              Day 3 . Legs don't feel smooth. Absorb 3rd layer of glow (maybe 4th or 5th if you've been doing night-caps). No one's touching (If you're me) ... They lookin' real good. Golden.

Shave 2Day 4. Legs feel silky smooth, have some residual glow. We're talking Golden Globe smooth & glow. We've reached smooth prime. Arguably leg prime.
            Day 5. Legs have some stubble. No denying. But you're feeling kinda' like Charlize Theron the night she won a Golden Globe. We've reached color-prime.

* * *

So. If Day 1 is Monday, because it was now-or-never on that shift-dress, then Day 5 is Friday. To continue building upon that tan, shave 3 on day five! To continue building tan & feel (somewhat) smooth the next day, shave 3 on day five in the evening! Here's why:

* * *

Double App.

Shave 3. Day 1: when you shave in the evening, apply then & before bed. Poof! It's like you're on Day 2 of color with Day 1 of smooth.

Golden status. Goddess Glow. Which, any given day, is better than trying to rebuild the morning of when it's so hot & so humid, not even the roomy's AC or your bedroom fan can keep it from sticking & streaking. ...

* * *

So I appreciate this pic (funny story behind it. Not enough time to share).  And not just because the gorgeous & beautiful & worldly & wickedly smart Katia got the angle right on my legs. (You can barely make-out any semblance of a cankle, despite that strap!!!) But also because my bandeau looks sweet & that lacey number, chic. Mostly because Prepps (ahem: bar-formerly-known/awesomely-renovateded-as-Prepps) alley way--lighting, brick, background people, & flags--epitomizes all things Park Ave

first  .
The other


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