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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Friday 'Fessional. (Be) Lated (Birthday).

Thank you so much for
all of the Birthday Wishes & Birthday Love.

So ... I'm posting this just about 2 hrs & 30 min late. But, after this wonderful evening of some really great family & friends celebrating my 28th birthday with me, it felt necessary to disclose. I...

Birthday Outfit
& the Rooms.

...often wear see-through shirts. In a classy way. You see, I like to channel Lana del Rey. And. I like to try to show-off my tattoos. There it is. Confession in full. Hope all the March 8th's of the world have had as a great a Birthday as I & continue to have a celebratory birthday weekend. 
(Because--confession #2--it's really my Birthday all weekend long. #letsbereal.) On that note:



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