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Monday, December 10, 2012

How To. Figure Out Your Face Shape. #TBD .


I've no clue how to figure out my face shape. But The Beauty Department does.

Face Shape.
Square. Oval. or Oblong.

Being that I oscillate between making the all-important & anguishing decision as to whether I'm oval, square, or oblong, you can imagine my excitement when Google Reader alerted me to TBD's tutorial. 
Let's Get  Cheeky.

No Freakin' Clue.
I've no freakin' clue what face shape I am. Identity crisis?
Honestly, I think it all depends upon cheekbone. Where the light hits. How. When. Which explains much. Ever notice how you look different, maybe slightly better, in different lights?? For me, mystery (/mathematics) solved. ... It's cheekbone. How the light illuminates that illustrious defining devision between top & bottom, hollow & whole. #FTR I think I look best, not necessarily when I have a certain face shape, but when that shape is defined. For good measure, to know mathematically once-&-for-all as well as aesthetically, I grabbed the measuring tape & went at it. Below are my findings:

Mathematics & Aesthetics.

Square: Null & Void. The 4 widest points of my face are my cheeks. Judging from the pics, looks like TBD was going for a more full-on face measurement.

A Bunch 'A' Squares.
This jawline looks square, no?
Though I maintain, that in certain lights & at certain angles, my jaw looks quite square. (Just go with it.)

Oval: Not Quite 1/3. Read The Beauty Dept. tutorial. It designates that, to be oval, the width of your face must be 1/3 less than the length. Moi?

length: 8in
width: 5in

magical equation: Does 8in - 8in(1/3) = 5in???
                                   8in - 2.6666 = 5in???
                                   8in - 3 = 5in, so not by .4444 which is almost 1/2 an inch!

Ovaltine to go with those Sweaters??
Face looks pretty oval. Look at that hairline.
Almost! But Not Quite.

Oblong: Do I Look Like Carrie Bradshaw?? For one, I think SJP is gorgeous. For two, no. I do not look like her by about 50 lbs. Though, I will admit, I have a seriously long-face, especially in some lighting. What does math have to say?? Length must be twice the width, excluding any corners.

length: 8in
width: 5in

magical equation: Does 2(5in) = 8in??
                                   10in does not = 8in.

Side-Sweep your Oblong.
'Do's I wear most? Meant for oblong face shape. 

Will I ever know what shape I am? ...

What face shape are you??

(Maybe you're)


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