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Friday, December 28, 2012

Friday 'Fessional: My Purses Have Feelings.

I think my first confession is that I bought my own Christmas present. Second: I then called my mom to let her know that I'd forget about it (within 9 days) in time to be surprised (3rd confession) for when Santa arrives. The real confession is that...

The Chosen One.
Envelope Clutch w Ants & Chain from Peppermint.

I ascribed human feelings to the purse that I didn't choose. You see, I wanted it for so long. I dreamt about it. And then bragged about it. I visited it. I mean, it knew that I loved it. Really, I owed it quite a lengthy explanation. So that, right in front of it, I could guilt-free (ish), choose a different one.

Functional Inside.
Snantsy Outside. What bug phobia?? (7th confession)

Okay, the absolute real confession?? I talked all of this out, aloud, in the middle of Last Minute Market to the people of Shop Peppermint, until I felt reassured that I made the right choice and thereby broadcast to the world that I ascribe human feelings to purses (and stuffed animals, because I confessed to that, too).

Phew, that feels better.



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