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Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday 'Fessional: Phones & Toilets.

End of the work day. Two hour meeting finally done. (My 3rd of the day, this spectacular Friday. Also, I get out of work at 2pm every Friday, so really, you don't have to feel bad for me.) 

This Toilet is a Mug.
(From Google Images and Home Wet Bar.)
CVS Pharmacy strung me along on hold for over 8 minutes (computer systems went down in many Rochester stores yesterday) until I realized that I wanted to use the loo before making the trek to CVS. On my 3rd attempt, I finally found an unoccupied bathroom and scrambled through the door. As I sought to remove my phone from the front-hip pocket of my blazer, it

tumbled, slow motion, into the toilet bowl. Which still had pee in it, from a previous coworker. (At least it wasn't some rando from the public. Can you tell I'm really trying to look on the bright {yellow} side here... .)

iPhone 4S.
(From Google Images & Digital Trends.)
Marrty, my phone, wasn't even in that toilet more than 10 seconds when--like a mother saving its baby--I unabashedly and without hesitation stuck my hand into the pee-filled basin. And then I used it. (The toilet.) Because after all, that is what provoked my hurried venture into said bathroom to begin with. ...And then I cleaned Marrty. Who I named only after enduring this bonding experience. Urine can unite, I promise.

I think Marrty still works.

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